Updates to revision guides

I have added some notes on common organic techniques such as reflux, distillation, recrystallization and measuring melting point onto module 4 10. synthetic routes. These apply across organic chemistry and more usually get tested on ISA’s and EMPA’s than module 4 papers.

I have also in the past week made some minor updates to module 1. calculations and module 2. equilibria and module 2.alcohols.

6 thoughts on “Updates to revision guides

  1. beth

    hi there, i was just wondering can zinc in acid solution reduce the dichromate ion to cr3+ or is it only fe2+ that can reduce cr3+? thanks

    1. chemrevise Post author

      There is not one on the syllabus so it is usually identified by negative tests from other functional group tests and a process of elimination.

      1. ram

        Classic ‘rule of thumb’ for detecting an ester was always the carefully performed ‘smell test’ – each one has a fairly identifyable ‘fruity’ smell. Pear drops for ethyl ethanoate, for example – lovely!

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