1. AQA Revision Guides

New A-level 2015

The revision guides are split into physical, inorganic and organic chemistry. There are no modules. The AS only topics are labelled AS.

Physical Chemistry

1-1-revision-guide-atom (AS)(updated August 2016)

1.2 revision guide calculations (AS)(updated December 2017)

1.3 revision guide bonding (AS) (updated August 2016)

1.4 revision guide energetics   (AS) (updated February 2018)

1.5 revision guide reaction kinetics (AS)

1.6 revision guide equilibria (AS) (updated February 2018)

1.7 revision guide redox (AS)

1.8 revision guide thermodynamics (updated August 2016)

1-9-revision-guide-rate-equations  (updated February 2017)

1.10 revision guide equilibrium constant kp

1-11-revision-guide-electrode-potentials  (updated February 2017)

1.12 revision guide acid base equilibria (updated February 2018)

Inorganic Chemistry

2.1 revision guide periodicity (AS)

2.2 revision guide group 2 (AS)

2.3 revision guide halogens (AS)

2.4 revision guide period 3   (updated February 2018)

2.5 revision guide transition metals (updated January 2017)

2.6 revision guide reactions of aqueous ions

Organic Chemistry

3.1 revision guide introduction organic (AS)(updated February 2018)

3.2 revision guide alkanes (AS)  (updated August 2016)

3.3 revision guide halogenoalkanes (AS)   (updated February 2018)

3.4 revision guide alkenes(AS)  (updated February 2018)

3.5 revision guide alcohols (AS)  (updated February 2018)

3.6 revision guide organic analysis (AS)

3.7 revision guide naming and isomerism (updated February 2018)

3.8 revision guide aldehydes and ketones(updated February 2018)

3.9 revision guide carboxylic acids and derivatives (updated February 2018)

3-10-revision-guide-aromatic-chemistry  (updated February 2017)

3-11-revision-guide-amines  (updated February 2017)

3.12 revision guide polymers (updated February 2018)

3.13 revision guide amino acids proteins and DNA (updated February 2018)

3.14 revision guide organic synthesis (updated February 2018)

3.15 revision guide NMR (updated February 2018)

3.16 revision guide chromatography (new  August 2016)

aqa- AS mechanisms-summary (AS)  (new February 2017)

aqa-mechanisms-a-level-summary  (new February 2017)


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  1. student

    your notes are extremely helpful and i absolutely love them! i was hoping if you have any a level physics notes just like these which you could post because ive searching for them as well


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