6. GCSE AQA Guides

AQA GCSE Chemistry Revision Guides

These guides are for use with the 2018 GCSE chemistry AQA syllabus.

They can also be used for Trilogy Chemistry but do not revise the bits that say Chemistry only.

They are arranged in syllabus order which is not the order I teach it in.

4.1 Atomic Structure and periodic table

4.2 Bonding and Structure

4.3 Quantitative chemistry

4.4 Chemical Changes

4.5 Energy changes

4.6 Rate and extent of chemical change

4.7 Organic chemistry

4.8 Analysis

4.9 Atmosphere

4.10 Using Resources

general practical skills

Trilogy versions

4.1 Atomic Structure and Periodic Table – Trilogy

4.2 Bonding and Structure – Trilogy

4.3 Quantitative Chemistry – Trilogy

4.4 Chemical Changes -Trilogy

4.5 Energy Changes- Trilogy

4.6 Rate and Extent of Chemical Change – Trilogy

4.7 Organic Chemistry – Trilogy

4.8 Analysis – Trilogy

4.9 Atmosphere- Trilogy

4.10 Using Resources- Trilogy