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Advice for new L6 Chemists

Welcome new chemists whether at Bancroft’s or elsewhere to your new A-level course. Just a little bit of advice to start you off. I shall not try to describe what a perfect pupil is and hope you all become one, but there are a couple of attributes you should all try to take note of.

  1. ¬†When you come across a question you can’t do off the top of your head, don’t give up and leave it blank. Try to find the answer out! Look in the text book, the revision guides and powerpoint notes on here, Google it, ask for help- anything that works. Questions at the start of the A-level are not going to be that hard to find the answer for.
  2. Ask for help when you need it. In my experience over the years, it is generally the best students who ask the most questions. I often find it is the pupil destined for Oxbridge that will be tracking me down with a little list of points they would like some clarification on.

I will post some more specific chemistry advice as we go through the year.

Good luck and enjoy. It’s a great subject


All the revision guides are now posted. I have posted the powerpoints as pdf notes as these work better opening on ipads/iphones although this has meant the animations are not there.

Welcome to my new site. This site mainly exists to host my revision guides that I have written for the AQA A-level chemistry course. I started compiling them 5 years ago for my pupils as I was getting annoyed at spending lots of money on buying new exam board sponsored materials every time they updated the syllabus. I have updated them many times to make sure they are up to date with current exam questions and approaches. Some earlier versions of my revision guides have been circulating on the net for a couple of years on ‘thestudentroom’. I wanted to post here the most recent versions. They may be useful for other A-level courses but they are written very much for the AQA course. I will also be posting some of my powerpoints that I wrote before the revision guides. I have been busy this summer updating them and replacing pictures I got from the net with my own versions. These could be useful to both teachers and students. The powerpoints tend to go into more detail than the revision guides and are less tied to the syllabus as I started writing them when I taught Nuffield Chemistry. I will also blog from time to time about teaching/learning of Chemistry