Monthly Archives: September 2015

New Organic Chapters for e-textbook

I have created a few new chapters for the e-textbook on the year 12 organic chemistry content. Remember the e-text book is not tied to any one syllabus and has more detail than the revision guides. They all contain relevant questions (some of which are more demanding or more open ended than a usual A-level paper).

6.1. organic naming

6.1.5. isomerism

6.2. alkanes

6.3. alkenes

6.4. halogenoalkanes

6.5. alcohols


New Syllabus Revision Guides

If you are just starting your A-levels in September 2015 you will be doing new brand new syllabi. I have started the process of updating the revision guides to reflect the changes to the structure and content of the courses. The new AQA guides are now largely complete and I have posted them here. (There are two guides that are not quite complete but these will appear in the next couple of weeks.) They exist on the same page as the old syllabus guides which are still valid for present yr13 students.

The new OCR and EDEXCEL guides are not yet complete but I hope to be posting them before the end of the September. The old guides are still 95% useful for the new courses in the meantime.