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February updates 2017

A few updates (mostly to AQA notes). Some students have been asking for a practical revision guide. I will not be producing one at the moment. I took the decision to integrate the practical notes into the relevant chapters with the linked theory, and I think this is the best way to approach the practical material. The AQA paper 3 will be a combined practical and synoptic theory paper.

I have done some updates to practical material though, notably in 1-6-revision-guide-equilibria where I have included extensive notes on the practical measuring kc. This is not actually a required practical but it has been a favourite in the past on AQA practical papers. I have also included notes on solving equilibrium constant equations algebraically  which I think are going to appear on the new exams (although not with quadratic equations).

I have changed terminology in 1-2-revision-guide-calculations to use uncertainty instead of error.

The other chapters I have changed have been labelled with (updated February 2017)

I have also produced a aqa-mechanisms-a-level-summary for the new syllabus

New Organic Chapters for e-textbook

I have created a few new chapters for the e-textbook on the year 12 organic chemistry content. Remember the e-text book is not tied to any one syllabus and has more detail than the revision guides. They all contain relevant questions (some of which are more demanding or more open ended than a usual A-level paper).

6.1. organic naming

6.1.5. isomerism

6.2. alkanes

6.3. alkenes

6.4. halogenoalkanes

6.5. alcohols