AQA Organic Mechanisms

I have produced a couple of summary files for AQA organic mechanisms.

The files are below and on the AQA revision guide page.



Remember you learn mechanisms best by understanding what they mean and by drawing them out lots. Careful positioning of arrows is essential. For AQA an arrow must start from the centre of a bond or a lone pair.

For understanding mechanisms I can recommend mechanism inspector from the RSC. Well worth an explore.


2 thoughts on “AQA Organic Mechanisms

  1. Kwazz

    i have been using your notes for a few months now and i’ve got to say they are THE BEST and you sir deserve a medal. Never before have i seen such detailed notes, you’ve even incoporated some of the answers to past paper questions into these notes. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, THAANKYOU SOO MUCH!!


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