Welcome to ChemRevise (or welcome back)

It’s the start of a new academic year so welcome back.

I get lots of questions about whether ChemRevise notes say everything that is needed to do well at A-level. I ought to point out when I originally wrote these notes they were aimed as brief revision notes for my own students. My expectation was that they had done two years of hard  work, answering many questions and fully understood all that we have covered in class. They cannot be a replacement for this hard work.  There is no quick route to success at A-level. These notes can make revision more manageable and they have been used successfully by many thousands of students.

I have more recently made detailed notes in the section called text book that could help deepen your understanding. Some of these chapters have questions.

I hope you have a good year.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to ChemRevise (or welcome back)

  1. Aman

    Hi, on your AQA A Level Chemistry 2.5 Transition metals revision guide, on page 6, you said:

    “The purple colour of manganate can make it difficult to see the bottom of meniscus in the burette. If the manganate is in the burette then the end point of the titration will be the first permanent pink colour. Colourless–> purple”

    But, would it the end point not be “the first permanent PURPLE colour” then? not “pink?”

    1. chemrevise Post author

      If you do the titration carefully then you would only get a very pale purple tinge – which would look pink. If it is deep purple you would have gone past end point


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