New Chemistry A-level ‘e-Textbook’ notes

Firstly, a somewhat belated welcome back after the summer break and a welcome to new A-level chemistry students.

I have been working away over the summer on my new project for which will be a complete detailed e-textbook for A-level Chemistry. This is going to take a long time to complete and I hope to have all complete in time for the new A-level courses starting in September 2015. I have decided to upload the first few ‘complete’ chapters as I wanted to use them with my current students to try them out. There will be around 50 chapters by the end!

A few things to note. I am making it a general resource for all A-level courses that may also in places go beyond A-level. The intention is to get students thinking about chemistry more deeply! I am aiming it at A* to B students. It will include questions of varying difficulty including extension questions. There will be more use of diagrams and colour than the revision guides.

The revision guides will continue with the syllabus specific information.

These are the first few chapters. For the moment I am mixing these in with the existing powerpoint notes on the page called ‘more detailed notes’.

1.21 moles and formulae

1.24 calculations and chemical reactions

2.20 introduction to bonding

2.21 ionic bonding

2.24 shapes of molecules

There will eventually be answers to the questions.



5 thoughts on “New Chemistry A-level ‘e-Textbook’ notes

  1. Chemnesia

    Hi Mr Goalby, I was just thinking, for chapter 2.24 of your e-book if for the first step on page 2, it would be more appropriate to write “number of valence/outer electrons on the central atom”. Thanks.

  2. Swarnapali Liyanage

    I found this site is as a resourceful island for the students who are on the basis of self studies . The summary based on chapters provides much easier way of understanding the concept clearly and it may helpful a lot for students on quick revision just before exams.
    Swarnapali Liyanage( a chemistry teacher)


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