Updates to Calculation notes

I have completed a chapter on gas calculations and have now calculated answers for two previous chapters. Find the answers on the last page of each chapter.

1.21 moles and formulae  now has answers

1.23 Gas Calculations new but no answers yet

1.24 calculations and chemical reactions now has answers


7 thoughts on “Updates to Calculation notes

  1. Lily

    My teacher told me that sensitivity error for burette is 0.05
    for balance is 0.005
    for volumetric flask is 0.2
    for pipette is 0.06
    so which is right? Is it even necessary to learn them?

    1. chemrevise Post author

      These are not numbers you would generally need to learn. AQA use a value of 0.15 for using a burette, this includes an initial reading and final reading Plus interpreting the endpoint.
      In general the sensitivity value is half the value of the smallest scale division the equipment can make

      1. Lily

        Sorry but for burette does it also depend on how many concordant results you have so say if you have four concordant results would sensitivity error be (0.05×4)/average titre?

      2. chemrevise Post author

        No this does not follow because each titration has the same error so the the average of the concordant results would be the same as one of them

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